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Gilliam County
Gilliam County Resources
Gilliam County Homeowner incentive program - Gilliam County Homestead Rebate Program

The town of Condon grew out of a settlement that formed around Summit Springs, an abundant fresh water source that attracted Native Americans and new settlers, many from Scotland, Ireland, England and Germany, who took part in a booming sheep industry.

Condon is the county seat of Gilliam County and its economy continues to center around agriculture – dry land wheat and cattle-raising operations that have sustained the area since the early days. The area’s economy has been energized by the establishment of Waste Management, Inc.’s solid and chemical waste landfill and treatment facilities and more recently by the steadily growing wind energy industry.

The wind farms in northern Sherman, Gilliam and Morrow counties are considered the world’s largest wind farm.

Condon recently named #4 best small downtown community in the state of Oregon.

Sherman County
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