As the premier advocacy organization for businesses in our area, the Condon Chamber of Commerce is working to promote a healthy and vibrant economy while protecting and advancing the interest of our members and the communities as a whole. The chamber works to provide a positive business environment and improve the quality of life in the communities we live in. 

At the Condon Chamber of Commerce, we believe that this is a time of opportunity and we are dedicated to making Gilliam, Wheeler and Sherman Counties a better place to live, work and conduct business. Our many programs and events will gain your business exposure, educate you, and provide countless networking opportunities. Joining the Chamber of Commerce will be one of the best investments your business will make!

Active membership in our Chamber provides business professionals an opportunity to become a part of an organization dedicated to strengthening the area’s economic growth and improving the business climate. Once involved, you will find many ways to have a positive impact on both your business and our community’s quality of life. We welcome you to be a part of the Condon Chamber of Commerce.