Business Development

Once dubbed the ‘Wheat City,” Condon has long been the hub of political and commercial activity for the high plateau area of Gilliam County. Condon was established in 1884 and its social structure and economy continues to evolve. Once the hub of an abundant agricultural economy, the community has resiliently retooled itself along the way, grateful yet for its agricultural traditions of wheat and cattle production, but welcoming the world of cyberspace as young professionals begin to admire the qualities of small-town living, the new-age philosophies of ‘green’ power generation, and the fascination that heritage tourists have for the rustic life offered in communities such as Condon.

The Condon Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving new and existing businesses. Condon is an incredible community to operate your business, enjoy family and the qualities of small-town living with access to all modern amenities.

Business Opportunities
Home Occupation Type I (one additional employee allowed) business permitted in residential area.
Home Occupation Type II (more than one employee allows) is a conditional use and must be approved by the Planning Commission.
Historical District Designation
Beautifully developed Main Street
Enterprise Zone Opportunities
Remodel Assistance from the Oregon Department of Energy
Gilliam County Homestead Rebate

Business Advantages

No business licenses required with the City of Condon
Commercial property available
No commute
Daily mail delivery service from United Parcel Service and United States Post Office

County Business Resources
Located in the Gilliam County Courthouse in Condon, Gilliam County’s Economic Development Department is here to grow new business and help existing businesses thrive. An Economic Development Officer is available  Monday through Thursday to aid businesses with informational resources, assist in making local connections and aid in funding opportunities.

Community Action Program of East Central Oregon (CAPECO) 541-276-1926
Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation 541-276-6745
Mid Columbia Economic Development (MCEDD)
Pioneer Community Development  541-384-3769